One Simple Dishwasher Trick to Improve Performance and Avoid Breakdowns

Tired of your dishes coming out of the dishwasher not quite clean? Wish there was something you could do to make your dishwasher perform better? Actually, there is!

There's a simple step any homeowner can take that will both improve your dishwasher's performance and help keep it running better long term. Just rinse your dishes. Running a little warm water over your plates and other dishes before they go into the dishwasher can make a huge difference in how your appliance performs. Why? Because all that food that's stuck on your plates, bowls, and spoons has to go somewhere. If it's still on your dishes when they go into the dishwasher, that food frequently ends up clogging the pump, sprayer arms, drain, or other dishwasher components. This prevents your dishwasher from operating as effectively, keeps your dishes from getting as clean, and can even lead to complete dishwasher breakdowns.

So if you're looking for an easy way to get your dishes cleaner and save money on potential dishwasher repairs, a quick rinse will go a long way!

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