Follow These Washing Machine Tips for the Best Long-Term Performance

Your washing machine gets a lot of use and abuse over the years. To keep your washer running smoothly longer, we've compiled a list of easy pointers. Just follow these tips to help avoid washing machine breakdowns and maximize the functional life span of your appliance!

  • Check your pockets. Small items such as coins and hairpins can damage the washing machine pump.
  • Never overload your washer. You might think you're saving time by washing huge loads, but large loads can damage bearings and burn out motors. Having your washing machine out of commission because you need repairs is definitely less efficient than just doing smaller, more frequent loads of laundry!
  • Don't yank wet clothes out of your washing machine. Front-loading washers can suffer gasket damage, and top-loading washers can even end up with a broken agitator. Gently lifting clothing out of your washer can help you avoid these potentially expensive issues.
  • Don't slam the door. This tip applies to both front-loading and top-loading washers. Softly shutting the lid helps protect the door switch from damage. Since your washing machine won't operate with a broken door/lid switch, safeguarding it from repeated slams helps keep the appliance functioning effectively.

Morris County Appliance Repair is available to put our 50 years of experience to work for you in the event that you do need washer repairs. If you have questions about any of the pointers listed above or if you need washing machine repair in Morris County, just give us a call today!