Try This Quick and Easy Refrigerator Maintenance Tip for Improved Performance

What if we told you that you could increase your refrigerator's performance, extend its life span, and save money with one simple step? It really isn't too good to be true! Cleaning your fridge's condenser coils can do all of the above, and it's a quick and easy job that just about any homeowner can tackle.

The condenser coils are typically found either on the back of your refrigerator or underneath the fridge (often behind a removable grille cover). Over time, these coils can become coated in dust and debris. This prevents your fridge from operating as efficiently as possible, which increases energy use (costing you money) and generates more wear and tear on your unit. Simply clearing away the grime lets your condenser coils function efficiently once again.

Cleaning your condenser coils is surprisingly easy. Simply remove the grille (if relevant), and vacuum away the dust. For seriously stuck-on grime, you can also wipe the coils with a damp rag or utilize a special refrigerator coil brush to dislodge the debris. Refrigerator coil brushes are available at your local home improvement store, and generally cost under $5. That's a minor investment for a big boost in performance.

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