Protect Your Dryer From Lint!

Did you know that excessive dryer lint is a fire hazard? Lint buildup in your dryer and dryer vent can also decrease airflow. That means your appliance has to work harder to get your clothes dry, increasing both drying times and wear and tear on your dryer. The good news is that there are two easy steps you can take to address dryer lint.

  1. Always clean out your dryer's lint trap between loads. Even if there is not much lint in the trap, take a moment to remove the fuzz. Every little bit counts when it comes to reducing lint buildup! Always cleaning out the lint trap also transforms the action from an occasional step to an ingrained habit, making it more likely you'll remember to clean out the lint trap after a filter-clogging load (such as drying towels).
  2. Clean your dryer ducts at least once a year. Lint that makes it past your dryer's lint trap can accumulate inside the ducting that vents your dryer outside. Bringing in an appliance repair company to clean the duct once a year, or opting for a DIY approach using a dryer vent cleaning tool (available at your local home improvement store), helps remove the lint that's stuck inside the duct.

Used together, these steps dramatically reduce your risk of a dryer fire AND help ensure your appliance is able to operate efficiently.

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