Pick Up Some Maintenance Pointers From Our Appliance Pros

Home appliances do so much these days that we tend to take them for granted. If you’ve been forgetting the simple steps you should be taking to keep your units clean and working efficiently, here are a couple of reminders.

First up, it’s still as important as ever to remove the contents of your dryer lint screen after each and every load. This is an oldie-but-goodie tip that helps immensely to allow proper airflow and reduce the risk of your dryer overheating. We understand that getting the laundry done already consumes a great deal of your time. Nevertheless, spending just a few moments more to consistently lift out lint is a small price to pay to avoid a dryer fire. Both your clothes dryer and home will be safer when you follow this tip. Plus, you’ll have the added benefits of items getting dry faster and extended dryer life.

Moving on to the kitchen, don't forget to vacuum your refrigerator condenser coil at least every six months. While the inside of your refrigerator probably sees a lot of action, not many homeowners give much thought to the outside of the fridge until something goes wrong. A twice-yearly sweep of the condenser coil can help to maintain efficiency and prevent a reduction in your refrigerator’s performance. Check your local housewares store for a refrigerator-coil brush, a cleaning tool specifically designed for condenser dust removal.

So there you have it: Two incredibly easy things you can do to show your household appliances a little love. Should you have questions about either of these tips or require further assistance from an appliance repair pro, put in a call to Morris County Appliance Repair. We’ve been caring for appliances since 1962!