Follow These Easy Tips If Your Dishwasher Isn't Cleaning Dishes Well

Is your dishwasher just not getting the job done anymore? It can be frustrating when your dishwasher is leaving gunk and grime all over your dishes! After all, using your dishwasher is supposed to mean you don't have to hand wash all your plates, spoons, glasses, and more. But if your dishwasher is consistently leaving dishes dirty, you probably end up hand washing everything even after it's been through the dishwasher.

Put an end to your dishwasher's poor performance and get your kitchen cleanup convenience back! Follow these easy steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Start by making sure there isn't an excessive buildup of food particles or visible grease in your dishwasher. Remove any chunks you find.
  • Check to ensure the holes in the spray arms are not clogged. These can become blocked with grease, food particles, or hard water accumulation.
  • Make certain the spray arms are moving freely (not stuck in one position).
  • Run a dishwasher cleaning cycle using a dishwasher cleaner. These products are available at most grocery stores; simply follow the package instructions to clean your dishwasher.

After following these four straightforward steps, try running another load of dishes. They should come out sparkling clean!

However, if your dishes still aren't getting clean, there may be a bigger issue at play. The spray arms may need to be replaced or other dishwasher repairs might be required. Your best bet is to call in our knowledgeable technicians at Morris County Appliance Repair. We can diagnose the problem and get your dishwasher back in tip-top shape! Contact us now.