Common Issues When a Washer Does Not Spin

You go to switch your clean clothes out of the washer and into the dryer, only to discover that your clothing is still soaking wet! When that happens, the problem is usually that your washing machine is not spinning. But that issue is simply the symptom, not the cause. Keep reading to learn more about three common issues that can result in your washer not spinning.

  • Door/lid lock. You might be thinking "What does the door or lid of your washer have to do with its ability to spin?" It seems counterintuitive, but a problem with the locking mechanism in your door/lid will prevent your washing machine from starting, let alone spinning. That's because the door/lid lock includes a safety switch that prevents the appliance from operating with the door open. If the lock is not fully engaging or is damaged in anyway, that safety switch will keep the whole appliance from running.
  • Clutch assembly. Used by some top-loading washers, the clutch assembly connects the wash basket's drive to the transmission during the spin cycle. With prolonged and heavy use, the clutch assembly can wear out, causing slippage and ultimately a failure to spin effectively.
  • Drive belts. Many washing machine models use drive belts to control the wash basket's spinning. If the belt is worn, or there is damage to the tensioning device, the appliance won't spin correctly (or even at all).

The good news is that Morris County Appliance Repair can easily diagnose which of these issues (or others) is causing your washing machine's failure to spin. Once we troubleshoot the underlying problem, we can get right to work resolving it completely and correctly. Let our professionals get your washer repaired and running smoothly again ASAP. Call now to get started!