Handy Hints for Avoiding Issues With Your Front-Loading Washer

A lot of consumers have switched to front-loading washing machines for their impressive cleaning results and smart energy usage. But if you have a front-loading washer, it’s a good idea to make sure you're taking the right steps to care for this new generation of appliance.

For starters, always use a detergent marked with the HE label when using your front-loading washer. HE stands for high efficiency, and these detergents are specially made to work with the lower water levels in front-loading washers. Since HE formulas are more concentrated than regular detergents, they clean with less suds. That makes an HE detergent the perfect solution for your energy-saving washer, and an easy way to avoid ending up with excess lather in your wash cycle and residue buildup in your clothes and appliance.

Another helpful tip for maintaining your front-loading washer is to keep the appliance door slightly open when not in use. Unfortunately, due to water getting caught in the rubber door gasket, this type of washing machine is prone to producing unpleasant smells. Just leaving the washer’s door ajar provides better ventilation and is a simple fix to this common problem. If you’re still having trouble with odors, you can try running your unit through a hot water wash with or without bleach and then letting the door stay open for the air to circulate. Of course, if the added air isn’t doing the trick, you can always towel off the washer door after each load, eliminating water on both the gasket and glass.

At Morris County Appliance Repair, we’re delighted to share our insights into how to keep your front-loading washing machine working—and smelling—its very best. When something is fishy with your laundry appliances, don’t hesitate to give us a call!